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Les.terribles trio | Pin, keychain, and button

Les.terribles trio | Pin, keychain, and button

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Pin: I'm obsessed with these. They are made of soft acrylic and are sooo glossy when you peel off the protective "skin" (for lack of better words lol). They come with a safe/durable rubber clutch that makes the whole process easy to use. Each pin is packaged with a sticker and a recyclable cardboard.  They measure 32mm x 32mm (1.25"x1.25").

Keychain: Made of transparent acrylic, these puppies are printed single-sided and are just as glossy as the pins when you remove the protective peel. They are waterproof and measure 47mm x 51mm (1.85" x 2").

Button: Just your coolest backpack accessory? I used to be obsessed with buttons, I never imagined I'd get my own! They measure 32mm x 32mm. (1.25" x 1.25").

*******Shipping/bubble mailer included in the price*******

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