The You do You Boo Top

The You do You Boo Top

Thank you so much for your interest in my work. The You do You Boo top is my first summer pattern and I'm really excited about it! I'm really thankful for your support. You can follow the video tutorial of this pattern by clicking here.

Please, note that this pattern is for personal use only. You may NOT sell the finished product. This pattern, or any parts of it, are not to be shared, translated, sold, published, reproduced as any form of tutorial (including video), or claimed as your own.

Use the hashtag #YouDoYouBooTop to share your progress with me on instagram!

Merci beaucoup,

Alex la Terreur


bust picture showing a white girl wearing the you do you boo top



This pattern uses US terms.

  • Ch: Chain
  • Sts: Stitch
  • Slst: Slip stitch
  • Blo: Back loop only
  • Sc: Single crochet
  • Dc: Double crochet
  • Gc: Granny cluster/granny petal
  • WS/RS: Wrong side/Right side


  • Size 1 yarn (fingering) ;
  • 2.5 mm hook ;
  • Sewing needle ;
  • Stitch markers.


I added a few grams but if you're planning on making the top longer, I highly suggest getting a little more to be sure.

  • XSmall: 100g
  • Small: 125g
  • Medium: 150g
  • Large: 175g
  • Xlarge: 200g
  • 2XLarge: 225g
  • 3XLarge: 250g
  • 4XLarge: 275g
  • 5XLarge: 300g


graph of the gauge

PLEASE., test your gauge. I crochet really loosely so it's important that you find the right tension. I had 6 gc and 10 rows for a 10cm x 10cm square. To test your gauge, use your 2.5mm. Ah also, the ch3 counts as a stitch.

R1: Ch 20. Starting in the 2nd ch from the hook, sc in the next 19sts. Ch3 and turn. (19)
R2: Skip 3sts, and put 3dc into the next sts. Skip 2, put 3dc in the next sts. Repeat this "Skip 2, put 3dc in the next sts" sequence 5 more times. You should have 6gc and 1dc (the ch3 of the beginning counts as a sts). Ch3 and turn.
R3: Put 3dc in the space between the dc and the gc of the row below (the ch3 counts as a sts). Put 1gc in the next 5 spaces. Ch3 and turn.
R4-10: Repeat row3.

If your square is 10x10cm, great! The 2.5mm hook is the right hook for you. If it's smaller, try and go up a hook size. If it's bigger, try to go down a hook size!


The following measurements might differ depending on your tension. I used to never check my gauge(whoopsie), but if you haven't done it, DO IT. Otherwise, these measurements are completely useless for you. Either way, consider that the size might be +/- 5cm. The tube is meant to be fit over a tshirt, but not tight. MEASURE YOURSELF FIRST. It is extremely important that you measure your own bust before picking your size.

You should also measure the tube as you are making it, often. This pattern uses chains as its foundation and the tension can be hard do keep. Therefore, MEASURE. Or don't. If you encounter a problem and really can't get over it, send me a dm on instagram (if you don't know what a dm is, here's my email:

 Bust size (circumference) 71-76cm 81-86cm 91-97cm 101-107cm 111-117cm 122-127cm 132-137cm 142-147 152-58cm


This cutie is just a tube and it's worked in rounds. I did 18 rows of gc so my tube would measure about 20cm. You can add or remove the number of row if you prefer! I want to add a special thank you to Morgan, the genius behind mococrochet, who found a much efficient way to make this thing when she was testing it. Go pay her account a visit for me plzzz, merciiii.

 top without straps

Sooo, using your 2.5mm hook (or the one you got after doing the gauge), ch 136 (154, 175, 193, 211, 232, 250, 271, 289).
R1: Starting in the 2nd ch from the hook, put a sc in every sts. Attach to the first sc with a slst. Ch3 & turn.
R2: Skip 2 sts, and put 3dc (this forms the first gc) into the next sts. Repeat "skip 2, put 3dc in the next sts" until you reach the last sts. Put 2dc into the last sts and join with a slst onto the Ch3. You should have 45gc (51, 58, 64, 70, 77, 83, 90, 96). Ch3 and turn.
R3-19: Repeat row 2. (You can add/remove rows to make the tube longer or shorter, you do you boo).
R20: Put 1sc in every sts around. Close with an invisible finish. Let's go with the straps babe.


We need to make two, unless you don't want to. It's okay too (I'm having fun here, thank you). We all have different bodies eh? The following numbers are a suggestion, I highly recommend measuring from the top of your shoulder towards the front of your body, and stop where you want the top to sit. Whatever the number you get, double it (because it has to attach in the back too). Your number should be a multiple of 3+1 (e.g., 19=3x6+1). Let's goooo. Using your border colour:

R1: Ch 40 (43, 43, 46, 49, 52, 55, 58, 58). Starting in the 2nd ch from the hook, put a sc in every sts. Ch 3 & turn.
R2: Put 2dc in the 1st sts. Skip 2 sts, and put 3dc into the next sts. Repeat "skip 2, put 3dc in the next sts" until you reach the last sts. Put 1dc into the last sts. Ch3 and turn. You should have 13gc (14, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 19). Ch3 and turn.
R3: Put 2 dc in the space between the dc and the gc of the row below (the ch3 counts as a sts). Put 1gc in all the spaces until the end. Fasten off. Straps are done! Yes I know, they are not equal, don't panic yet. I just wanted to say that you can add more rows here if you want a larger strap moment.

To make the whole strap cute, attach the yarn in the 1st sc of R1 with a slst. Put 3sc on the side and ch1. Sc across the other side. When you reach the last sts, ch1 and put 3sc on the side. Slst into the 1st slst of row4 to close. Attach the straps onto the body by sewing them, or slst them (whatever you feel most comfortable with). I had 11gc between my straps because i wanted a tank top look. You can sew/slst wider to have a shoulder moment too, I think it would look very 2000 and I'm kind of living for it.

description of the strap process


Yayyy! Congrats on finishing your you do you boo top! I would usually make a joke about weaving in your ends, but I’ve recently gotten into it (seriously, I don’t know what’s up with me but it’s kind of satisfying?) Thank you so much for supporting my work. I feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity of sharing my love of crochet with you. If you encounter any issues or have trouble understanding any parts of this top, don't hesitate to send me a dm on instagram at @les.terribles!
Final top


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